My name is Hiram Gensler. This site is a memorial to my wife and partner of sixty-six years, Marirose Lind (Lawrence) Gensler, who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease on September 15, 2008.

She was a very loving and kind person; always ready to help someone. She inspired me to write about our lives together through poetry. I can only say good things about her, and have many memories of the times we shared together. These memories are the basis of all these poems, which reflect my feelings for My Angel Marirose.

She enjoyed life; was a good sport and would always do her part. Through the good times and the bad, we stayed together and made things work. These poems are a testimony of those years. She was the mother of six great children who love her dearly.

We hope you enjoy spending time here reading the story of our lives, and our love affair that is still ongoing…it will last forever.

Please read the Legal Document below in case you wish to use any of these poems.

Please come back often!

Thank you.,

Hiram Gensler



Recent Poems:

If you’re not with me when I go, These are the things I want you to know. I love you each and every one, I’ve gone to rest, my work is done. Celebrate the times we shared, Know in your heart, I really cared. I’m proud of my family and all they have done, Beautiful …

Dear Lil, As the golden sun is setting, on your life of many years, We will remember you fondly, and shed some happy tears. Your life has been fantastic, in everything you did. You dearly loved your family, especially the little kids. You were my teacher and protector, from the time that I was born. …

Happy Birthday Neil my friend, I pray we’re friends until the end. Protect that smile and happy face, For you are one we can’t replace. You’re a joy to be around, For our circle of life needs a clown. To cheer us up when we get sad, Through all our trials, both good and bad. …